Hem / Covid-19


During the competitions in Åre we have a strict protocol that we all need to follow.

You can download the PDF here, Protection Concept for AUDI FIS Ski World Cup Åre 2021 Updated March 2nd 14:53



Who needs to be tested?

All team members, media, broadcasters, right holders, SRS, FIS officials, timing & data service, need to present a negative PCR-test according to FIS passport. Volunteers with access to red/yellow or blue zone have to be tested one time before the pickup their accreditation (Antigen test). Accreditation will not be confirmed before testing.

Do I need to show a negative PCR test before arrival?

If you are travel to Sweden from any other country, you will have to present a negative PCR test including a travel certificate when arrival at the border and test need to be no more than 48 hours old. The test result should then be registered in the FIS COVID-19 passport before you pick up your accreditation.

How do I register for tests?

All volunteers will be tested by a schedule depending on the start day for work. All others will only be tested on site in case of symptoms. If that is the case a set time will be sent to you after you have informed about your symptoms in FIS passport or by your Team captain to the event task force. 

How do I book tests for PCR certificate (travel out from Sweden)?

PCR test needed when you leave Åre will be done on Thursday after YOU have made that booking by yourself/team to the contact given in this document or other solution.

What kind of test will be used in Åre and what does it cost?

LOC Åre are cooperating with a local health company, who will deliver the tests. The test will be a Antigen test done by yourself with over seen by a nurse. If we have a case with symptoms all the test (Antigen + PCR) will be taken by medical staff.

The primary test is an antigen test. Price 369 SEK (approx. 37 Euro).
A second test, if a positive antigen test, is a PCR test from Abbott. Price 2000 SEK (approx. 200 Euro).

When do we need to do test?

LOC Åre strongly recommend you to arrive early on-site, since it might take 24h to evaluate a second PCR, if the antigen test is positive.

Where is the test center located?

The test center is located close to the finish area, see rendering over the area for a clear view.

What do I need to bring to test center?

You need to bring you passport or valid ID.

Useful links:

The public health agency of Sweden (FHM)


Emergency information from the Swedish authorities 


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